Moodle Tips and Tricks

Getting Started with Moodle
You have applied for a Moodle shell on LAUSD's Moodle server and just received an email that it is ready for use. Now what? (video)

Moodle Assessment Pt. 1
Importing ExamView Questions
Moodle has very powerful assessment capabilities. Combine the ability to import ExamView tests and question banks with the Moodle quiz activity and you have a powerful ally for classroom and online instruction. (video)

Moodle Assessment Pt. 2
Sorting Questions

By learning how to use categories in Moodle question banks, you can have greater control over your online quiz and test design. (video)

Moodle Assessment Pt. 3
Adding Questions to a Quiz

Utilizing a Moodle question bank organized by categories, you can build quizzes that are built from a randow selection of questions. (video)

Moodle Assessment Pt. 4
Setting Quiz Properties
It is time to go "under the hood" to learn how much flexibility the Moodle activity gives you in delivering online assessments. (video)
Getting Content into Moodle
Moodle has the ability to play media content within Moodle just by linking to the files anywhere on the Internet. (Doc)

More video tutorials to follow!